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International Mathematical Competition

Rules and Regulations of the International Mathematical Competition ‘TopMaths’

We warmly invite school students and adults – as well as all mathematics enthusiasts – to take part in a great event - A great mathematical competition titled ‘TopMaths’!

TopMaths is great mathematical fun, competition with others and an opportunity to test one's knowledge in a wide range of scientific areas – which, in this case, is mathematics.

The questions which the participants will have to face have been prepared by teachers and maths enthusiasts.

TopMaths is mainly aimed at students who will be sitting exams at the end of the current school year. This is a unique opportunity for them to test their skills and knowledge of mathematics.

Taking part in the competition is straightforward – just visit at the time specified for your category and enter the event.

Competition Rules and Regulations:

1. The competition is free and voluntary. It will be held only within the scope indicated in the rules and in accordance with the principles of fair play. No registration or creation of an account is required to take part. Before starting the game, we encourage you to have a pen and paper at the ready as it will make solving the tasks easier. Please also make note of your answers to compare them with the answer sheet, which will appear on the portal after the competition.

2. Participation in the competition is possible via computer, tablet or mobile phone which is equipped with a web browser.

3. The competition will be held on the educational portal and will be divided into the following age categories:


Up to 9




4. A separate address will be assigned to each of the age categories indicated, which will be activated and published on the day the competition starts.

The date and exact address of the website dedicated to each participant is:

up to 9 years old 29/10/2021 4pm - 4.50pm Start - click here
10 to 12 years old 29/10/2021 5pm - 5.50pm Start - click here
13 to 16 years old 29/10/2021 6pm - 6.50pm Start - click here
17 and over 29/10/2021 7pm - 7.50pm Start - click here

5. The competition start and end times are in BST - British Summer Time (UTC+1).

6. After entering the appropriate page of the competition (choosing the address assigned to the group), the participant will be presented with 20 closed questions, each with four options of answering - A, B, C or D. It is worth remembering that only one answer will be correct and the participant should choose the one that s/he thinks is correct. Once an answer has been chosen, it cannot be changed.

7. For each correct answer, the contestant will receive a certain number of points (from 1 to 3 depending on the difficulty of the question). At the time of solving a given task, the time the participant takes to answer will also be recorded.

8. A contestant may TEST ONLY ONE TIME. The team organising the ‘TopMaths’ competition reserves the right to verify the time and method of solving the tasks and also to disqualify a participant who has violated the competition rules with immediate effect.

A participant MAY ONLY COMPLETE THE TEST IN THE AGE CATEGORY TO WHICH S/HE BELONGS. The team organising the ‘TopMaths’ competition reserves the right to verify the age and to disqualify any participant who has contravened the competition rules with immediate effect.

9. Participation in the competition is only possible within the specified time and date for a given age group. The time set for a given age group is the starting time for solving the test. FOR EXAMPLE:

- If the competition is held between 34pm and 4.25pm, a participant may start solving the tasks even at 4.24pm and finish solving the tasks after the end time of the competition (e.g., at 4.50pm).

10. The competition will be settled based on a ranking. It will be determined on the basis of the points accumulated by each participant (the more points, the higher the ranking). In the event of a tie, the order will be determined by the time taken to provide answers. If there is also a tie, the order will be determined by who started solving the individual tasks earlier.

11. After answering all competition questions the timer will stop and the participant will automatically see a form. You will then be asked to provide information such as:

- Nickname

- E-mail

This data will be used to create a ranking list.

In the ranking list, only the participant's nickname will be displayed from the data given above.

12. The results of the ‘Top Maths’ competitions (in the form of a ranking by category) will be available on the website.

The final results of the competition will be announced, after verification, no later than 14 days after the end of the competition.

This deadline may be extended for technical reasons.

13. Due to the potential disqualification of a competition participant, the organiser reserves the right to change the final results of the competition, and the overall results may differ from that of the final ranking available on

14. The right to file a complaint regarding non-compliance with the competition can be exercised by any entrant during the competition period and within 48 hours after the competition ends.

15. The organiser shall not, in any way or to any extent, cover or reimburse any costs incurred by entrants regarding their participation in the ‘TopMaths’ competition.

16. The contest organiser declares that the data of the participants will not be stored or used in any way after the competition has ended (announcement of the official results).

Participant information for the ‘TopMaths’ competition is provided pursuant to Article 13 and Article 14 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter: ‘GDPR’), and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 1 January 2020 on the protection of personal data. More information can be found at

17. Personal data is processed on the basis of Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR (consent of the participant) for the sole purpose of organising and implementing the ‘Top Maths’ competition.

18. Providing data is voluntary (login, e-mail) but necessary to take part in the competition.

19. Personal data will not be subject to automated decision-making, including the profiling referred to in Article 22(1) and (4) of the GDPR. Personal data will also not be transferred abroad, including to third countries.

20. The organiser reserves the possibility of the occurrence of breaks in operation or disruptions in access to the platform due to technical reasons.

21. The organiser does not bear responsibility for the impossibility or any difficulties in using which result from reasons attributable to the user (e.g., an old version of the operating system, mobile operating system, mobile device, damaged mobile device, errors related to the incompatibility of the Internet browser, a slow Internet connection speed) or third parties (network, Internet service providers, Internet providers).

22. For important reasons, the organiser has the right to shorten, extend, reschedule or cancel the ‘TopMaths’ competition at any time. The organiser will provide any information regarding such a circumstance on the website.

23. The ‘TopMaths’ competition is not a gambling game.

24. The organiser reserves the right to change the content of the rules during the competition period.

25. Contact regarding the competition: [email protected]

We wish all entrants great fun and good luck.

The Labofii Team