Formula for acceleration

How fast do you accelerate when driving a car?

What is acceleration?
Physically speaking, acceleration is a vector physical quantity that describes a change in velocity vector over time –basically, it is a calculation of the change in velocity over a unit of time.

Acceleration is also said to be the derivative of velocity after time or even the rate of change of velocity.
In addition to velocity, we also have to deal with deceleration. Deceleration, on the other hand, is a set of circumstances in which acceleration (i.e., the change of the velocity vector in time) is directed opposite to the return of the speed of motion. The velocity is then reduced.

Acceleration is of great importance when we want to know which car is able to move faster and change its speed, for example.

The formula for acceleration is not complicated – in fact, it is very easy to remember. The formula for acceleration is the change in speed divided by the change in time. For example, we can calculate the acceleration formula if we have a velocity at time t0 and a velocity at time t1. All we need to do is to subtract the velocity at time t1 from the velocity at t0 and then subtract the time t1 from the time t1. The results should be divided by yourself. In this way, the formula for acceleration allows us to determine how fast something can accelerate (or how much it can be decelerated).

If you want to make sure you understand it perfectly, practice the acceleration formula. All you need to do is write down the speeds you obtained – as well as the time difference in which you made the 'measurement' – while driving your car over a period of time of your choice. The acceleration formula only takes into account changes in speed and time, so you should only be interested in changes in time and speed to correctly calculate acceleration. This way, you will know whether you were accelerating when you were driving in the car with your loved one, or whether there were delays along the route.

Physics surrounds us in everyday life. It can become fun to calculate and turn the world around us into simple mathematics. This will give you a greater understanding of how the laws of physics affect you and allow you to consolidate the material. Now, do you remember the formula for acceleration?


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