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Coefficient of determination

Phenomena and calculation of formulas.

To begin, a few words about mathematics and statistics as science subjects. They are an integral part of economics – economics is the science of resource allocation with increasing social needs and, in statistics, a phenomenon in society studied using a coefficient of determination. It consists of a percentage determination of values. It is regarded as one of the measures of quality and its formula is as follows:
R2= SSM / SST =∑t = 1n(y^t-y¯) / 2∑t=1n(yt-y¯)

The coefficient of determination is R squared and it can also be called that.

The coefficient of convergence has a completely different formula. R squared is in it and, based on the formula, the differences between x and y are calculated. The equations are very simple, just substitute the numbers given to the formula to determine the unknown.


Methods with coefficients.

Usually, methods are used when solving an unknown and, according to the methods, you can get the right result. Here is the method of least squares – it gives the smallest errors when estimating the result.

Linear regression is nothing more than the representation of the thesis after between variables – and the relationship here is in a linear form.

The important element is the linear function, which is expressed by the formula y = bx +a. The representation of the regression in the form of an analysis and its representation can be done using a graph of the linear function (a graph in which the signs are x and y, where x and y are called the dependent and independent variables).


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