Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's your top 10 ten favourite disobedient achievements/struggles?

"Everything we take for granted: the weekend, gay rights, contraception, women wearing trousers, the right to strike, to form a union, the abolition of slavery… everything was won by disobedience, fought for by people who refused and resisted, claimed back from those in power. Their disobedience was a gift to our future"

To help promote Put The Fun Between Your Legs: THE BIKE BLOC(1) - the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination/Climate Camps mobilisation for the Copenhagen UN Climate Talks(2) in December - we are producing a massive banner that will list some of the achievements that have been won and struggles that still need to be won through disobedience.

So that we can create an exciting and inspiring list we'd like to know what your favourite achievements/struggles are? 

What do you feel are the most important victories and what are the most important battles that still need to be won through disobedience? 
They don't have to be limited to the UK, they could be well known, or really obscure.

If you could take a few minutes to think about the past and the future and send me a list of your favourite 10, or less, we'll pick the most inspiring ones and include them in our massive banner. - send them to james@labofii.net

The banner will be hung for a week and a half from Artsadmin (on the edge of the City of London). Outside the Arnolfini, Bistol (during the lab of ii's residency during the C-Words events((3))) then taken to Copenhagen for the COP 15 mobilisations.