Monday, September 14, 2009


From The Yes Men...

If you live in New York, please visit to
sign up for some GIANT, extremely FUN, potentially WORLD-FIXING
shenanigans on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21. (Even if you don't, you can sign
up to participate in our "digital fun squad" by clicking the option on
your profile. And if you know any New Yorkers or big Facebook
hobbyists, please forward this email to them!)

Everyone who shows up Monday morning will get a FREE GIFT you can
SHOCK your friends with for years. Even just a few minutes Monday
morning will help. Sign up

We can't tell you much about what we'll be doing, as the element of
surprise here is crucial. But we can tell you that it'll be huge and
absurdly fun, and when a hundred world honchos meet the next morning
to discuss climate change at the UN, you may have helped set the tone
for progress.

Then, that evening (Monday, Sept. 21), we'll unwind from the action by
dressing up in our very best, er, suits and heading to the global mega-
premiere of climate blockbuster The Age of Stupid (
). Like us, they've got no advertising budget, but if enough people
see this film, fixing the world could be a bit easier. (LA Times:
"Think An Inconvenient Truth, but with a personality"; News of the
World: "You won't see a more important film this year.") The premiere
will be linked by satellite to 444 cinemas across America and 300 more
worldwide, with special guests Kofi Annan, Radiohead's Thom Yorke
(singing live), Gillian Anderson, Heather Graham, Moby, James Hansen,
Mary Robinson, and the film's star Pete Postlethwaite. As for us, if
you make it to your local theatre that day, you'll see us live on the
satellite feed. Visit the film's website to buy tickets now!

Our own film ( will be in US theaters
starting OCTOBER 7! It'll be at New York's Film Forum Theater for two
weeks (Oct. 7-20), and then spread out to 23 cities and counting.
Visit our screenings page
( to see if your town
is listed.
Check back often for updates!

See you soon!
The Yes Men and a whole lot of friends

p.s. The Sept. 21 events ( and Age of
Stupid premiere) are part of Climate Action Week in New York. A good
way to warm up is to join an "international photo opportunity"
coordinated by Oxfam on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 20 in Central Park:
the Human Countdown. To register, send your name, email and phone to