Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rev Bloomin Billy!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping have arrived on our shores!

To celebrate this fact, we're hosting a special one off gig at Hijacker HQ this Sunday. Expect gospel mania, choirs of chaos and more.


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Also, with such a merry band of troublemakers in our midst we could hardly let them go without causing a little chaos, so we've hooked up with Rhythms Of Resistance and are organising a special action before the concert with Billy and his Choir.

The Death Of The East End Funeral Procession!

Meet Midday (sharp)
Starbucks Spitalfields Market.
Sunday 31st May

We will be holding a funeral procession from the Starbucks in Spitalfields market, marking the spread of the nippleless mermaid into the historic East End.

An area of diversity, clashing cultures and independence, the East End of London has long been a haunt of artists, vagabonds, misfits, anarchists and rippers! However with the spread of global capitalism, and the homogenised pseudo-counter culture that it markets, companies such as Starbucks now feel comfortable hawking their unethical wares on our doorsteps, traditional cafes are replaced with watered down impressions of some terrible episode of Friends.

The Reverend Billy, The Church Of Life After Shopping, The Space Hijackers and Rhythms Of Resistance ask you to join us in a funeral procession through brick lane ending in a sermon and street party. Wear your black Sunday best, bring home made cakes, thermos flasks of tea, bunting and coffins. Bring dancing shoes and rhyming slang. Let us rise up to the invasion of the bland, let us show these unfair traders that their business is not welcome!

Space Hijackers

over and out...