Thursday, May 14, 2009


Saturday, May 16, 10am-6pm
& Sunday, May 17, 10am-5pm
at the CEDA, 2515 Delisle
(near metro Lionel-Groulx)
Part of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair

Art & Anarchy brings together the creations of dozens of anarchist-inspired artists and organizers. This year's exhibition will include sculptures, paintings, posters, banners, murals, drawings, sound, installations and other multi-media forms.

Art & Anarchy will be displayed over two days at the CEDA, an adult education centre in Montreal's southwest whose walls, hallways and stairwells will be transformed into an exhibition of our collective creativity and resistance.

You're strongly encouraged to wander the halls and stairwells of the CEDA and to discover the different pieces and elements that comprise Art & Anarchy.

ART & ANARCHY exhibits include:


Places where the State is despised

The paintings depict different infoshops, media centres and coops that are situated north of the 49th parallel. These spaces are the fruit of the work of many anarchists who value the dissemination of anti-capitalist and progressive material as a way of fighting capitalism and creating non-oppressive spaces.

Artist: Guillaume Beaulieu (Quebec City)

Feminine Myths?

This series proposes to revisit a variety of myths from the point of view of women by using the simplest forms (or shapes? Don't know what she means exactly). The female characters are at the center of each painting in order to remind us that women are at the heart of the most ancient stories despite our tendency to forget it.

Artist: Anne Buisson (Montréal/Marseille)


Poster Retrospective: Ten Years of Bookfair Anarchy in Montreal

From black cats to anarchist roses, trees and fists; a presentation of the last 10 years of Montreal Anarchist Bookfair posters.

A project by Christina Xydous and Jaggi Singh; other artists and designers include: Eric Drooker, Kristen Braun and Kandis Friesen,

Life is a tearing

For the tenth anniversary of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, Benoît Tremblay presents a sample of his new exhibition that he has been preparing for the last eight months and which will be officially launched at the end of 2010. Slightly changing his approach, Benoît Tremblay came back to his paintbrushes, after a long time, and combined it with cuttings and paper tearings, along with ink and charcoal. The present exhibition includes paper samples of "LA VIE EST UNE DÉCHIRURE" (Life is a tearing) such as 1) But where is the youth uprising?; 2) For the abolition of racism; 3) And I became Prada Meinhof; 4) L'époque-scie; 5) Say… bosses!; 6) The confrontation + 2 untitled.

Artist: Benoît Tremblay (Montréal)

Voices from Outside: Artists Against the Prison Industrial Complex

In connection with the historic Critical Resistance 10th anniversary conference Just Seeds Artists Cooperative has produced a print portfolio project that they are donating to prisoner justice organizations across North America. The portfolio consists of 20 prints, each by a different artist, that all either critique the prison-industrial complex or address alternatives to incarceration.

The Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar has been proud to share this amazing poster collection with communities across Quebec and Ontario, and will be selling the limited-edition prints in a special auction in the weeks following the Bookfair. Visit for details.

Concrete Apartheid

An on-going project in mapping the international industrial profiteering infrastructure of the Israeli Apartheid Wall. Two of the companies, Montréal-based Green Park International and Green Mount International, are currently being sued by the village of Bil'in for their role in building an Israeli-only settlement on land within Bil'in's municipal jurisdiction. For more information: or

Artist: Kandis Friesen (Montréal)

No Borders, No Nations: No One Is Illegal Poster Project

A series of 5 silk-screened posters addressing riots, police brutality and impunity, borders, migration, and indigenous/migrant/settler relations. For more info:

A project by Anna M, Jaggi, Kinneret, Robyn and Tasha, members of No One is Illegal-Montreal, with the support of the Ste-Emilie Skillshare.


Daily resistance in the West Bank

Three scenes honouring those for whom resistance is part of daily life; created from pictures taken during a trip to the West Bank in Fall 2008. Themes are: destruction in Jerusalem East, olive harvesting, and settlements in Hebron.

Photos by Marie-Eve Sauvé (Montréal)

Bil'in: A Village United Against the Wall

An exhibition featuring photos from the ongoing popular struggle against Israel's apartheid wall, and daily life and survival in Bil'in, Palestine. ActiveStills is a group of documentary photographers acting for social change, convinced in the power of photography as a vehicle of change through awareness.

Photo exhibit by ActiveStills (Palestine/Israel)

Portraits of Ste. Emilie

Portraits of Ste. Emilie is a photographic project documenting the Ste. Emilie Skillshare. The Ste. Emilie Skillshare is run by a group of artists and activists committed to promoting artistic expression and self-representation in our communities, and is an art studio for people to learn new skills, share their skills, and create art in the spirit of creativity, revolution, anti-oppression and accessible art-making. For more information on the Ste. Emilie Skillshare, please check out

Photos by Kinneret Sheetreet (Montreal)


In one sense or another

This printing press addresses two concepts of learning, reading and personal experience, by perverting both. Through play and the kinetic lure of the machine, the spectator may learn about the inherent mechanisms of the perpetual restarting which is necessary for the functioning of the system revealed by the paradox of the printed text.

Artist: Antoine Cloutier-Bélisle (Montréal)

Dignité Rebelle, Mini Looms, The Blanket

Rebel Dignity: considering "rebel dignity" on a daily basis, these concepts are portrayed through what they mean in terms of tactility, preciousness and value for the person who maintains them; Mini Looms: also playing the role of the tool, here loom, I propose an autonomous and direct relation fostered in a context of creation; The Blanket: symbol our of material comfort, of our ethical comfort, the wool blanket is presented in a context where that quality is no longer valid.

Works by Barbara Mendoza Denis (Montréal)

Trash Art

Sculptures from recycled materials – wood, wire, metal and found objects. Pieces include: Auto-portrait de l'artiste, Homme Machine, Nature Morte & Prisonnier politique.

Artist: Tournesol Plante (Montréal)


Mural for Abdelkader Belaouni

Over the summer, a group of Montreal artists came together to launch a mural project in support of Kader. During the weekend of 9-10 August, Kader's 951st and 952nd days in sanctuary, the public was invited to come and watch them finish the mural and participate in arts workshops in the grounds of the church where Kader has lived for two and a half years. The mural was created to support Kader as someone whose story is representative of migration in the 21st century; who has struggled against dehumanizing bureaucracy to be treated with dignity and respect; who has inspired a broad network of support and resistance; who has refused to be crushed by two and a half years of imprisonment, but has grown through the struggle, most remarkably as an artist himself.

The mural is the work of some 25 Montreal artists, writers, supporters and friends of Kader's.

The Talking Mural

The TALKING MURAL (version 2.0) is an audio collage that accompanies the mural in support of Kader Belaouni. Voices excerpted as part of the Talking Mural include: Ofelia Rivas (indigenous elder from an O'odham village at the US-Mexican border), Amir Hodhod (refugee claimant from Egypt and active member of Solidarity Across Borders who was deported in 2006), Sadaf and Shamim Akhtar (refugee claimants from Pakistan and founding members of Solidarity Across Borders, deported in 2004), Sarita Ahooja (contributing artist and member of No One Is Illegal), Marguerite Bilodeau (contributing artist and member of Artists for Peace), Freda Guttman (contributing artist and member of the Kader Support Committee), Rachel Heap-Lalonde (contributing artist and member of the Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble), Robyn Maynard (member No One Is Illegal and organizer with the Accommodate This! Campaign), Marco Silvestro (contributing artist and member of La Pointe Libertaire), as well as Kader Belaouni himself. The TALKING MURAL includes sounds from the making of the mural in August 2008, and Kader's radio show, Radio Sanctuary, which airs regularly on CKUT 90.3fm.

A project by Aaron Lakoff and Jaggi Singh, radio programmers at CKUT and migrant justice activists based in Montreal.


Jukebox Heart (2009) & Genderpoo (2005-09)

I identify as a genderqueer immigrant artist who loves speaking about my every-day experience as a queer + trans person. Both of the pieces I'm showing at Art and Anarchy 2009 are interactive installations that mix questioning+social concern+fun: they're my personal and proud tribute to the queer and anti-oppression communities.

Artist: Riot Coco (Montréal)

"A Culture of War"

In 2003, I started a series of works with highly political content: denouncing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through these works, I try to make visible whatever in neglected, hidden or censored by corporate media: the use of uranium in Iraq since 1991, which is the cause of many horrific congenital malformations, the execution of military-aged men through the placement of electronic bait in the streets, a strategy by the Pentagon as part of its asymmetrical war and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) scandal. Are Canadians and Québécois ready to reclaim their political space? From blue peacekeeper helmets, we have become camouflage (Judith Brisson) (free translation).

Artist: Judith Brisson (Montréal)

"Insecurity Blanket"

This piece is a statement on police violence and community resistance. The gun/girl squares represent police violence and repression visited upon our communities. The blindfolded girl also represents the American concept of "blind justice," being shot in the back by police actions. The Molotov cocktails are to represent community resistance to police violence.

Artists: Susan Junis and Grace Locke Ward (Iowa, USA)

Banners of Struggle

Hanging from the ceiling of the main room of the Anarchist Bookfair are banners representing anarchist-inspired and anarchist-involved social struggles in Montreal. These banners come from demonstrations and actions on the streets of Montreal, part of a living history of local resistance and solidarity.

Organized by JBS, member of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair collective.