Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Space Hijackers - MAYDAY final details



5:04pm Friday 1st May
Bank Of England

Convict Themed Street Party

Thing for the public (convicts) to bring
- Convict Outfits
- Handcuffs
- Kettles
- Sound Systems
- Moonshine
- Humour

Things for the police to bring

- Police Outfits
- Handcuffs
- Kettles
- Loud Hailers
- Batons
- Lack of Humour

The nation is falling into a police state, whilst the government
builds up a database of our communications and conversations, the
police build a database of our DNA. We are monitored on CCTV, asked
to spy on each other and a climate of fear is spread. Our nation is
presumed guilty until proven innocent, anyone deviating from the
status quo is violently beaten by the police, the protectors of the

Swoop on the Bank Of England at 5:04pm this Mayday and let us gather
together as convicts. As we dance our jail house rock, watch as the
Police surround and imprison us. Have they learnt anything from their
media chastisement over their violence? Has the leopard changed it's
spots? Or is violence and a lack of respect for freedom part of the
culture of the law enforcers. The people who work for us?

Turn up and chain yourself together as we pace in our exercise yard
under the ever watchful eye of our masters. Hand yourself in, hand
over your DNA, your fingerprints and your freedom. If you don't give
up your freedoms now, the terrorists will take them!