Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Protest Groups Disrupt Miss University London

Protest Groups Disrupt Miss University London

11.03.09    4:30 AM
Protest groups disrupt Miss University London beauty pageant.
"Now I know why my mother's generation did what they did in the 60s.  I feel amazing.  Tonight we did what we said we would – we smashed Miss University London!"

-       Martina Pasonaria, 30, Musician

At 1.30am this morning a group calling themselves SMASH MISS CONTEST[1] infiltrated Miss University London and caused disruption throughout the event with stink bombs and personal alarms, culminating with a stage invasion bringing the show to a halt during the announcement of the winner.  A questionnaire and open letter to participants were scattered to the audience, contestants and compere.
Miss University London re-emerged two years ago amongst widespread controversy.  Set up by 121entertainment, led by Christian Emile, the event drew in three different protest groups.  Miss-Ogyny[2], a group specifically set up to resist the pageant's presence on campus, rallied opposite the entrance.  They were joined by The Space Hijackers[3] who handed out tissues to men queuing for the pageant.
"They couldn't hide what the event was – a crass judgement of women based on their looks, all so that they could make money."

-       Helen Bradshaw, 21, Student

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