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Links to Third Party reports.

Clown Army Invade Police Station

Clown's v's Capitalist

Report from Friday

Worship to Selfridge's

report from friday - in portuguese

pictures from antwerpen indymedia

liberation article - en francais

starbucks action - il manifesto


Picture's from the Lab of ii during ESF 04 (click to enlarge.)



Cup and Mouth - Save Our Starbucks (s.O.s)

"Cup and mouth" is an act of solidarity with the vacuum cleaner whose being told to shut up by the Starbucks Corporation.

Unreality TV

Confusing CCtv operators and the police in the city of london.

Richard Dedomenici's - The Big Flyposter Draw

Painting over fly posters is not illegal.


Important Information for all Tourists of London - The Institute of Nomadology

watch it here - 27MB

Jim Dunkley's - Beer Can Opera




My Dad's Strip Club's - Urban Decoy

the vacuum cleaner's - Prayers to Products

The Space Hijacker's - Corporate Games

read more here

Wonder's - Department Store Sells Trash




Lottie's - Urban Climbing

Urban Climbing pictures by - Immo Klink

N.A.T.O - The March for Capitalism - Capitalism Represents Acceptable Policy (CRAP)

CIRCA - Invade a famous Clown lead fast food outlet.


CRAP v's CIRCA - the spontaneous battle in leicester and trafalgar square.



The Fit Team (Forward Intelligence Team)

Police photographers took pictures of everyone coming and going to the lab, then follow us around all day.


The Bit Team (Backwards Intelligence Team)

all pictures are copyleft 2004 lab of ii